The Hangover (2009)

The Hangover is directed by Todd Phillips and stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha and Heather Graham.

Doug (Justin Bartha) is about to get married, so he goes to Las Vegas with his two best friends (Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms) and his future brother-in-law (Zach Galifianakis) for a final party before the shackles of marriage. The next morning, they wake up, Doug is gone, they are all in a very bad state and nobody remembers a thing. Hilarity is supposed to ensue.

I saw the trailer for this film and initially refused to see it. It looked like a sexist pile of crap aka dudebro movie. But after the movie won the Golden Globe I thought I might have misjudged it. So I watched it. Unfortunately, my first instince was completely right.

I don’t know who would like a movie like this. It’s insulting to women as well as men (and anybody who doesn’t identify as either doesn’t exist in Hollywood as we all know). It’s stupid. And it just isn’t funny.

Seriously, I like all kinds of stupid humour (I have seen Hot Shots approximately 500,000 times and I still laugh tears about it). But The Hangover didn’t make me laugh once. It didn’t even make me grin. It just made me headdesk.

Apart from the usual crap to be expected from dudebro movies (women are controll freaks! men are children! women never have fun! men hate responsibility! women turn into bridezillas! men just marry because they won’t get sex otherwise! etc), there was also the totally hilarious side plot about Stu (Ed Helms): because he was totally dating a feminist! Who said things like “bachelor parties reinforce the notion that marriage enslaves men while being the ultimate goal of women”. Therefore she was totally evil. And guys, it wasn’t even enough that this woman embodied every bad stereotype about feminists ever, no, she was also abusive. She hit Stu. ROFLMAO! A man getting hit by a woman. HAHAHAHAHAHA! An abusive spouse might just be the best joke in the world!

I actually watched this film to the very end because I was waiting for one joke that made me laugh (and ideally was so funny that it would explain the Golden Globe). It didn’t come. Instead, at the end, I was fuming.

Summarising: stay away.

5 thoughts on “The Hangover (2009)

  1. @ your tweet: “would you people like to get a tweet when there’s a new post on my blog? I don’t want to swamp twitter with redundant info..”

    I think swamping people with redundant info is what twitter is about. :P
    Anyway: If I used twitter I’d love that. Because now I check and re-check and refresh you blog daily only to find no new postings at all… :(

    • You should really consider using a RSS reader programme thingy (personally, I really like Google Reader). It let’s you know whenever there’s an update and you don’t have to check sites obsessively.

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