Another 35 Questions – Meme Monday

36. If you suddenly became single or are single, do you think you could last in a relationship for 12 months or more?

With the right person, sure.

37. Do you forgive or forget?

I usually forgive, then forget.

38. Do you trust people?

Yes. Trustworthy until proven otherwise.

39. What are you not looking forward to?

Getting up in the morning.

40. Do you get mad easily?

Well, I get angry easily, but only about specific things and it’s also quickly blown over. I am mad, though. :)

41. Tell us about the last time you were told you that you have pretty eyes.

I don’t remember when I got told that the last time. Maybe I don’t have pretty eyes?

42. Do you have strange dreams?

Who doesn’t?

43. Ever licked someone’s cheek or forehead?

Probably. But I can’t recall a particular instance.

44. Tell us about the last time you fell asleep in someone’s arms.

Oh bother… Today, these are all “I don’t remember” questions. Sorry about that.

45. When did you last play a game?

Last week. I learnt to “yass” (jassen) which is a card game played in the west of Austria (where I visited my family).

46. What do you have on you at all times?

A book, my calendar, my cell phone, a pen of some kind, money. [Well, okay, there are exceptions to that, but they are few.]

47. Do you go out in public without getting all dressed up?

All the time. Me dressed up is the exception.

48. Do you like fruity or minty gum?

Minty gum.

49. Favourite musician or group?

Only one? Not going to happen. But I have a meme in the works that will answer this question extensively.

50. Do you like anyone?

I like loads of people. But if the question is whether I’m in love with anyone, the answer is no. I rarely fall in love (so far in my life, I have been in love two times, just as a reference guide). But I have like a different crush every day. :)

51. Favourite computer game?

Oh boy… I just started playing Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose and it’s pretty awesome so far. Other games I like a lot on the computer are Plants vs. Zombies, quite a few text adventures, Minesweeper and, I’m afraid to say, FarmVille. But if a game gets too epic, I’m not patient enough.

52. First album you ever went and bought with your own money?

I’m not sure, but I’m afraid it was a Kelly Family album…

53. Think back five months ago, were you single?

Yes (even if I think back five years).

54. Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries?

Sure. Any reason to celebrate.

55. Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?

Since I’m on the phone with deadra, probably. :)

56. Last thing you bought?

A train ticket.

57. Are you a jealous person?


58. Does it take a lot to make you cry?


59. Do you have a friend of the opposite sex you can talk to?

Yes. Even though my closest friends are all female.

60. Have you ever had your heart broken?

No. Not really.

61. Have you ever done something while drunk that you still cannot believe you did?

No. I rarely get drunk and even when I do, I mostly do stuff I can totally believe I did.

62. Is there anyone you secretly wish you could be spending your time with right now?

I’m with my family and we’re about to play cards – nothing more to wish for, thanks.

63. Do you text?

Are there people left who don’t? Yes, I text, though not excessively.

64. Do you wish someone would call or text you right now?

No, since I’m blogging and about to play cards.

65. Is your life anything like it was a year ago?

Not really. A year ago I was working and studying in the evenings and now I’m doing neither. Though the important things haven’t changed–I still read obsessively and spend more time in the cinema than is strictly healthy. And don’t you dare separate me from my computer. ;)

66. Go back one year on your blog. Leave us a link to your favorite post.

Take a rant on the Anita Blake TV adaptation that won’t be happening after all.

67. You can only drink ONE liquid for the rest of your life, what is it?

Water. Though I’d totally miss coffee.

68. Tell us about someone that you have lost contact with though you wish you didn’t.

Ah, there are many of those people. I have travelled a lot and lived abroad for a while and I made wonderful friends. But it’s hard to stay in touch if you’re not living in the same country. Though facebook at least offers the opportunity. :)

69. What is the last thing you said out loud?

“I don’t care if I play cards, if we’re one too many. I can entertain myself with my computer.”

70. Will this year be better than last?

Though last year wasn’t bad, it’s always good to get improvements. :) So I’m hoping for better and we’ll see.

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