Archangel’s Kiss (Nalini Singh)

Archangel’s Kiss is the second book in Nalini Singh‘s Guild Hunter Series. [My reviews of the other book and novella here.] I actually re-read the first book before reading this one but since my opinion hasn’t changed, I’m not going to post another review.


Elena wakes up from a year-long coma and has wings. Nobody is more suprised about that than she is. But she only has a short time to get used to them: Since she and Raphael killed an archangel, there’s a power vacuum – and some angels use rather bloody methods to get considered for the post. Apart from that, the oldest of the archangels, who is slowly growing out of the world, has invited Elena to her court where a new threat is waiting.

I had my problems with Angels’ Blood but I was mostly frustrated during Archangel’s Kiss. Nothing much happens, the book just kind of flows along and is only interrupted by my murderous urges towards both Raphael and Elena. Not the best of feelings you want to have about the protagonists.

[It seems Singh books can either have cover or content that I like…]

The first fifty pages or so, Raphael annoyed the hell out of me. For some reason, Singh fell off the “great alpha male” waggon to land smack-dab in the middle of the “assholes with control issues” field. Not a good thing.

Then Singh changed gear and Raphael was okay again but Elena started to annoy me. A little bit more is unravelled of Elena’s past and it is a really traumatic one but if my reaction to the woes of the main character is “SHUT UP I GET IT”, something is really very wrong.

I finished the book more because it was a quick read and it did entertain me, especially because of the secondary characters, than because I had any interest in the story or the development of Elena and Raphael’s relationship.

I was actually already resigned to my fate: That the Psy-Changelings would continue to be a must-read, while the Guild Hunter Series would be forgotten. And then Singh goes along and introduces a new and completely fascinating character 30 pages before the end of the book. OH THE NERVE!

Anyway, even though I won’t be waiting for it, I’ll probably read the next book, too, when it comes out next year some time. But I’ll maybe quit after that.

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