Archangel’s Consort (Nalini Singh)

Archangel’s Consort is the third book in the Guild Hunter Series by Nalini Singh. [Here are my reviews of the other books.]

Elena and Raphael are back in New York but the events in Asia have left their mark on the world. And now it seems that Caliane, mad, ancient and incredibly powerful archangel and Raphael’s mother is awakening from her millennia long sleep. And nobody knows what to expect, apart from the fact that a whole lot of vampires and angels are negatively affected by it, which is rarely a good thing. So Elena has her hands full.

Yeah, Archangel’s Consort continues the tradition of the Guild Hunter Series so far: I continue to dislike Raphael and Elena, while the secondary characters are pretty engaging. But I think I’ve reached the point where it just isn’t enough that I want to continue reading.

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Archangel’s Kiss (Nalini Singh)

Archangel’s Kiss is the second book in Nalini Singh‘s Guild Hunter Series. [My reviews of the other book and novella here.] I actually re-read the first book before reading this one but since my opinion hasn’t changed, I’m not going to post another review.


Elena wakes up from a year-long coma and has wings. Nobody is more suprised about that than she is. But she only has a short time to get used to them: Since she and Raphael killed an archangel, there’s a power vacuum – and some angels use rather bloody methods to get considered for the post. Apart from that, the oldest of the archangels, who is slowly growing out of the world, has invited Elena to her court where a new threat is waiting.

I had my problems with Angels’ Blood but I was mostly frustrated during Archangel’s Kiss. Nothing much happens, the book just kind of flows along and is only interrupted by my murderous urges towards both Raphael and Elena. Not the best of feelings you want to have about the protagonists.

[It seems Singh books can either have cover or content that I like…]

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Angels’ Blood (Nalini Singh)

Angels’ Blood is the first novel in the Guild Hunter Series by Nalini Singh (my review of Angels’ Pawn, an additional novella, is here). It’s a paranormal romance.

Elena is the star vampire hunter of the Guild, the organisation which tries to keep a balance between Angels and Vampires. One day, she gets hired by Raphael, the Archangel of New York. [The Archangels are more powerful than regular angels.] But instead of a regular vampire hunting, she’s supposed to look for an Archangel. That Elena is very attracted to Raphael makes everything only more dangerous – he is not human after all.

I enjoyed Angels’ Blood. Though I didn’t devour it as the Psy-Changeling series, I liked the characters and especially the world. Plus, I didn’t see the ending coming as it was, although it was really perfect.

angelsbloodAlthough this cover is better than the Psy-Changeling covers, I was wondering about it. It is mentioned quite a few times that Elena has almost white hair but dark skin – why is there a white model on this cover? Was that really necessary? There are so few people of colour in novels anyway, now you finally have one and the cover is whitewashed?


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Angels’ Pawn (Nalini Singh)

Angels’ Pawn is a novella and the first thing to be released in Nalini Singh‘s new Guild Hunter Series. The next one will be Angels’ Blood, the first book which comes out next week. Again, these stories are in a paranormal setting, but it has nothing to do with the world Nalini Singh created for the Psy-Changeling Series.

Ashwini is a hunter for the Guild. The Guild is kind of the Human enforcer unit between the Angels and the Vampires (who are created by the Angels). Ashwini hunts renegade vampires, or vampires who have simply offended an angel. One of the vampires she had to hunt a couple of times (and always in the last time, her order would be retracted) is Janvier, a sexy Cajun.
When Ashwini is called on a mission to retrieve a kidnapped vampire, she calls on Janvier and his contacts to help her. But why he agrees to do it, she doesn’t know.

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