Archangel’s Consort (Nalini Singh)

Archangel’s Consort is the third book in the Guild Hunter Series by Nalini Singh. [Here are my reviews of the other books.]

Elena and Raphael are back in New York but the events in Asia have left their mark on the world. And now it seems that Caliane, mad, ancient and incredibly powerful archangel and Raphael’s mother is awakening from her millennia long sleep. And nobody knows what to expect, apart from the fact that a whole lot of vampires and angels are negatively affected by it, which is rarely a good thing. So Elena has her hands full.

Yeah, Archangel’s Consort continues the tradition of the Guild Hunter Series so far: I continue to dislike Raphael and Elena, while the secondary characters are pretty engaging. But I think I’ve reached the point where it just isn’t enough that I want to continue reading.

I’ve managed to pin down my problems with the series a bit more this time round. First of all: Elena is afraid of Raphael sometimes. As well she should, he’s a scary-ass dude. But any relationship where fearing the other persion is part of the equation will never be A-OK in my book. If you’re afraid of the guy, don’t get together with him.

And that’s not even mentioning the whole narrative around Raphael getting so angry, he enters this calm state. He gets absolutely cruel – like another person takes over. And he really isn’t in charge anymore. That’s pretty much the same excuse abusive partners always use: “Zie just made me so angry. I couldn’t control myself! I wasn’t being myself. Therefore, you have to forgive me because when I’m myself, I do love hir.” Yuck.

Apart from that, Elena and Raphael both spend way too much time angsting. I just couldn’t stand it anymore. It got to a point where I started disliking Singh’s writing style in transference and I don’t want to dislike that because I still love the Psy-Changeling books and she uses the same style here as there.

The wonderful cast of supporting characters just isn’t enough to counterweigh the Raphael-Elena fiasco. Which is unfortunate because I do like those guys and I might get drawn back into the next novel by them. But right now, I really don’t plan on reading any further.

Summarising: Oh well, they can’t all be winners, can they.

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