Franco Moretti on Frankenstein and Dracula.

Definitions of Science Fiction.

Okay, Where Do I Start With That? W.


RIP Satoshi Kon – and more things to add to my to-watch-list.

My advice, Darren Aronoski? Stay as far away as possible. Nothing can save this mess. Not even you.

This is amazingly creepy.


Ten physicists explain Einstein’s Theory of Relativity for laypeople.


Steven Spielberg et al. to adapt Joe Hill’s Locke and Key.

True Blood in 60 Seconds.

Dirk Gently TV show on BBC.

Doctor Who news.

Emmy Winners!

Completely Different Things

I love it. Now I wish I had 1000 bucks to spare. [But if I had, I’d probably never have the heart to wear them…]

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