Once Bitten (Kalayna Price)

Once Bitten is the first part in The Haven Series by Kalayna Price.

Kita is a shapeshifter, her other shape being a calico cat. She’s also a stray, having left the Firth and her clan behind. She just arrived in Haven, when trouble starts brewing: a rogue shifter is attacking humans, hunters are after Kita and then she’s attacked – but saved by the handsome vampire Nathaniel, who had to turn her into a vampire to achieve the saving part. As if that hadn’t been enough yet, Kita’s playground love Bobby shows up to bring her home and a mage turns up, accuses Kita of creating the rogue shifter killer and gives her two days to find him and bring him to justice. Oh, and a mage-to-be comes literally out of nowhere to study Kita.

The book was mostly… meh. I liked the idea of a cat shapeshifter, but the characters left me cold, and altogether it seemed so much like things I’ve already seen/heard/read that I was just waiting for something original that never came.

There’s a lot going on in this book and it probably could have benefitted from losing a subplot or three. I mean, even though personally, I preferred Bobby, he was absolutely unnecessary in terms of the story and do I really need to read about another vampire-shapeshifter-love triangle? Hell, no.

Generally speaking, the characters just never became real to me. They were too generic and bland to ellicit anything more from me than a weak grin or a very soft sigh…

I also felt like some things were overexplained while others were assumed I should know. I hate it when I wonder about something in a book and then I plow on to find an explanation for it later (which is already annoying enough), but it never comes.

I’ve won the second part in this series in a librarything giveaway, so I guess I’m going to read it. But I have to admit that it’s without much enthusiasm that I do so. Once Bitten wasn’t really bad, it was just completely mediocre. And that is kind of worse.

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