Eat Pray Love (2010)

Eat Pray Love is Ryan Murphy‘s adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert‘s autobiographical book, starring Julia Roberts, Viola Davis, Billy Crudup, James Franco, Javier Bardem and Richard Jenkins.

Liz (Julia Roberts) drifts from relationship to relationship, first her husband (Billy Crudup), then a new boyfriend (James Franco). But she never seems to find what she’s actually looking for until she decides that she will interrupt her normal life to go on a year long trip to Italy (because of the food), India (because of an Ashram) and to Bali (because she’s been there and an old medicine man told her that she would be back).

I didn’t expect much from Eat Pray Love, but I like travel stories and I thought that the movie would at least entertain me. It didn’t. It dragged and dragged and dragged and sprinkled above it all was so much esoteric shit that not even the eye-candy (both the landscapes and the guys) could keep me interested. In short: I am so very happy that I didn’t spend any money on this.

I like Julia Roberts. She’s made a lot of crap, but it’s usually the guilty pleasure kind and rather amusing. This movie is not one of those films. What could have been an interesting story about a woman who finds herself by spending time with herself is made unbelievably dreary. And the fact that Liz finds herself through wise men who tell her what to do and how to find herself doesn’t really help.

I mean, she barely decides a single thing! Even when it’s all about “do I stay with the love of my life”, she immediately topples her own decision when the Balinese wise guy tells her to.

And that’s not even considering all the esoteric bullshit you have to put up with during the movie. I tell you, the universe doesn’t whoosh into your head, no matter how empty it is.

Though frankly, a movie that makes Javier Bardem that unattractive deserves some kind of recognition. He basically plays a caricature of the sensitive latin lover. That anyone could take him seriously in that role astounds me. [I have the theory that it was his own way of undermining a crappy film while still earning a lot of money.]

To its credit, there was some beautiful scenery in the movie. But that’s pretty much everything you can enjoy about it. And that won’t sustain you for two hours. Or even ten minutes.

Summarising: Skip it. Multiple times if necessary.

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