Best children fantasy and scifi books.

Can you name 200 Harry Potter characters in 18 minutes? [I managed 88. With cheating.]

This sounds like a mix between The Inkworld Series and Thursday Next. In one word: awesome.


Grant Morrison. David Finch. Batman.

The Complete Plays of William Shakespeare as Two-Panel-Comics.



If other directors directed the Social Network.

Holy crap, this might just be the scariest film ever.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean.

Now, that’s a really good idea for a Peter Pan movie.

I kinda don’t get this movie. Maybe you have to have read the book:


A camera that can see around walls.


Guillermo del Toro makes The Hulk TV show.

A first look at Game of Thrones. Looks great. [Just ignore the text with Tyrion’s pic, because it’s fucking insulting. Let’s hope they do the character more justice in the show.]

I guess all of you have seen this Buffy-without-Joss-thingy already, but just in case.

Completely Different Things

Steampunk Batman.

Mamika the Superhero.


  1. “I’m looking for my Mum. She’s the one who feeds me and vacuums the house.” – Charming. Very charming. Makes-me-want-to-have-a-hysterectomy charming.

    Peter Pan is a creep? Really? No. Nooooo. I mean, sure, it will be interesting to see him that way, but…NO.

    • Despite the title (which I don’t think is that bad, I just don’t see what it has to do with the actual movie yet), I still have high hopes for the film. Jack Gyllenhaal and Duncan Jones?!?!?!!!

  2. Tyrion – I agree! “Gets into scrapes” – wtf? Shame on you, EW! He’s not a clown, for goodness sake! He’s probably the best, most multi-dimensional character in the whole series!

    And booh EW for no pics of Khal Drogo!

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