(2010) is Noel Clarke‘s and Mark Davis‘ first film together, starring Emma Roberts, Ophelia Lovibond, Tamsin Egerton, Shanika Warren-Markland and has cameos from Kevin Smith, Mandy Patinkin, Michelle Ryan, Eve and Noel Clarke.

4 girls, 3 days, 2 cities, 1 chance – that’s the title spelled out. What it means is we get a look at life of four friends for a weekend – and how their life gets entangled with a jewellery heist.
Shannon (Ophelia Lovibond) is struggling with her life, that seems to fall apart around her. Cassandra (Tamsin Egerton) flies to New York where she wants to lose her virginity with a guy she met and fell in love with online and audition for a spot at a music school. Kerrys (Shanika Warren-Markland) would like to spend a nice weekend with her girlfriend. Unfortunately her family keeps interfering. Joanne (Emma Roberts) gets pushed around by her family. On this particular weekend, she’s supposed to cover for her sister at work.
At first glance, it seems all rather normal. But said jewellery heist affects them more than they think. is a very cheeky movie with a fresh sense of humour. It’s got a B-Movie feel to it with a British twist, good performances and a really good structure. It’s not without fault, but it’s good entertainment.

I love movies were girls kick ass – that shouldn’t surprise anybody. And all the major players in this film are women. It would have been even better if the movie hadn’t been for the male gaze so much – it seems like half the time, the girls walk around half-naked. For Kerrys, this is very much in character and I didn’t have a problem with it. That Cassandra would open the door in her underwear though seemed a little weird.

But still, having an entire movie focussing on girls and her problem solving skills is already a huge plus, so I don’t mind the underwear that much. :) Especially since the actresses really were awesome (as were the cameos).

The story itself is well-structured and they stick to it, so that it all comes together in the end. I could have done without the rewinding in between but that’s more a matter of taste – it was well done. Generally, the direction and cutting was pretty good, though at times a little clumsy.

And the soundtrack was cool.

Summarising: very good entertainment.


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