Play of Passion (Nalini Singh)

Play of Passion is the ninth Psy-Changeling Novel by Nalini Singh. [My reviews of the other books here.] It’s Indigo’s and Drew’s story.

Indigo is a dominant wolf and the highest ranking female in the SnowDancer pack. Which makes it kind of hard for her to relate to the men around her. That is, until Drew – her good friend – suddenly turns on the charm. But will he be able to accept a partner who is more dominant than him?
At the same time, the pack comes under threat of parts of the Psy Council who feel that the changelings are a huge contributing factor in the failing of Silence.

Since the last few books didn’t do that much for me, I had my doubts about this one. But it seems that all I needed to fall back in love with the series, was a little more changeling action. Because Play of Passion was awesome.

Play of Passion is rather thin on plot. Instead, Singh spends most of the time exploring Indigo’s and Andrew’s relationship. But what plot there is, builds up towards a showdown that is to be expected in the next book or two – and it will be interesting.

Singh also strongly foreshadows the next relationship in Sienna and Hawke. I’m really looking forward to it, though I have to wait a little longer than usual because they decided to release it in hardback first and I don’t approve of that.

Anyway, back to the book. I loved Drew and Indigo (they reminded me a little bit of Zoe and Wash, though Drew is a bit more dominant than Wash) and their relationship worked really well.

I did miss Kaleb though and I want to see Sascha’s baby soon.

But it’s a clear winner.

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