Thomas Allen’s 3D Book Covers. And here.


Wonderful essay about writer Barbara Newhall Follett.

Holy Books for the UK.


Hollywood moving away from middlebrow? That would be very welcome.

The WTFery of this scene is barely bearable and totally awesome.

Concept Art for The Beatles’ Lord of the Rings: A Stanley Kubrick Production.

Back to the Future Set Pics.

55 SciFi/Fantasy Movies to Watch Out For In 2011.


Best and Worst TV Moments of 2010.

Completely Different Things

Ryan Gosling singing My Little Pony. Melts my heart. Also, you should totally check out his band Dead Man’s Bones, because they’re awesome.

20 People Who Rocked Science Fiction and Fantasy in 2010.

25 of the Scariest Science Experiments Ever Conducted. [Whatever the Large Hadron Collider is doing there…]


  1. ohhh ryan gosling, ich will dich heiraten! arrghh!

    und danke für den link der besten und worst tv moments, hat mir sehr gut gefallen und kann ich teils sehr stark nachvollziehen :)

    und der kanye west twitter song! WAHNSINN!!!

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