The Town (2010)

The Town is Ben Affleck‘s adaptation of Chuck Hogan‘s book Prince of Thieves, starring Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner, Blake Lively, Peter Postlethwaite and Chris Cooper.

Doug (Ben Affleck) and his best friend James (Jeremy Renner) head a team of bank robbers. During one of their robberies they force bank employee Claire (Rebecca Hall) to open the safe. Afterwards Doug – who has been thinking of quitting robberies for good – “accidentally meets” Claire (who doesn’t recognise him) for a bit to see if she knows anything she could have told FBI agent Frawley (Jon Hamm). But Doug and Claire really hit it off and now Doug has to try to protect Claire from his lifestyle and from James, who is pretty volatile.

Here’s a movie I don’t understand the positive reviews of: Yeah, the supporting cast is good, but unfortunately, Ben Affleck still can’t act and neither can Rebecca Hall. And the whole film is boring.

The film might not have been as boring if I had managed to care for either of the main characters. But neither Ben Affleck nor Rebecca Hall drew me in. Ben Affleck couldn’t sell me the character, I didn’t root for him, I just thought that he was annoying and a little creepy. And Rebecca Hall’s Claire bugged me, too.

It’s a shame because the supporting cast really was brilliant, even though Jeremy Renner basically plays the same guy he played in The Hurt Locker (only a criminal instead of a soldier). Peter Postlethwaite, Chris Cooper, Jon Hamm and surprisingly (for me, because I totally judged her on the fact that she plays in Gossip Girl) even Blake Lively gave very good performances.

The story has a been-there-done-that feel to it and is rather predictable. If I had cared more about the characters, I probably wouldn’t have minded as much but since I didn’t and not even the plot was interesting, it was just the final blow.

I read on the imdb that the original version of this film was four hours long and that they cut it down to a little over two hours at the studio’s insistence. Maybe the tension fell victim to these cuts but I just know that I’m very happy the film was only two hours long – because it certainly already felt like four.

Summarising: Can be missed. Easily.

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