Les Chaises [The Chairs] – DNF


The Chairs is a play by Eugène Ionesco. It was directed by Luc Bondy, starring Micha Lescot and Dominique Reymond.

An old man (Micha Lescot) and an old woman (Dominique Reymond) are preparing for one last party before they die. The man has something to tell the world, something important. But as the time passes, all that seems to be arriving are imaginary guests and more chairs.

This was actually the first play I ever walked out of before it was finished. Not only that, since there was no break where I could sneak out, I actually made people get up so I could leave. It was honestly completely unbearable.

I like the absurd theater, especially Ionesco. And in between the hopeless production, there were glimpses of the fantastic play.

But unfortunately I just couldn’t handle Bondy’s direction. He has two young actors play the old people and they talk with those fake old voices that are hard to stand for short stretches at a time. But for 2 hours at once, it’s pretty much impossible. It’s grating and I just wanted to cover my ears and say “lalalalalala” to not be forced to listen to those voices anymore.

Apart from that, there body language was very exaggerated, which I don’t really like either. But that may be just a matter of taste.

I did like the stage design, but it’s far from enough to make me regret, even for a second, that I left the play early. Better to have thrown out only the money and not also my precious time.

Summarising: even though people who are not me seem to enjoy it, I honestly can’t recommend it.

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