Since I decided to join tumblr, the links can be found there from now on. It just makes more sense to get them out quicker and not have such huge posts anymore. That means that this will be the last “Links” post on this blog. And as I just caught up with pretty much the entire internet happenings in July, it’s a massive collection and will be after the jump.


Charlaine Harris’ next Sookie Stackhouse book will be her last.

10 Classic SciFi and Fantasy Stories That Were Originally Considered Failures.

School Board Reverses Book Ban After Actually Reading the Book.


Patton Oswalt’s Rejected Batman Pitches.

The 2011 Eisner Award Winners.


Is that Superman in the new Dark Knight Rises poster? Also, a Fan-made trilogy poster. And here’s the first freaking teaser.

The Knights of Badassdom sounds awesome. And here’s the first trailer.

There will be a Jurassic Park 4?!

Trailer for Juan De Los Muertos, Cuba’s first horror movie.

The Complete Guide to Shirtlessness in Marvel Superhero Movies.

[Did I already know that James Nesbitt would be in the fucking Hobbit? Because it sure doesn’t feel like it – and it’s definitely awesome.]


Guess for whose concert I bought tickets:

And guess for whose concert deadra bought tickets for me:


(taken from here)

And here are all the nominations.


Completely Different Things

Grains of Sand: That’s what they really look like:

(taken from here)

I like math when it’s like this.

More Art Nouveau Heroes and Heroines. And here are the villains.

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