World Press Photo 2011

As every year, deadra and me headed to the World Press Photo exhibition. The photos were very impressive again and I had to fight tears a couple of times. [Sometimes I really am too touchy. Or to put a positive spin on it: boy, am I empathic.] While that is one of the reasons I don’t really follow the news regularly, it’s a good thing that at least this exhibition catches me up on important things once a year.

It seemed that there were less nature photos this year than usual, but that’s just a minor sidenote  – generally the photos were brilliant.

After the jump, find my favorites.

[Guillem Valle, Portraits, 3rd Prize Singles]

[Vincent Yu, People in the News, 3rd Prize Singles]

[Riccardo Venturi, General News, 1st Prize Singles]

[Daniel Berehulak, People in the News, 1st Prize Stories]

[Lu Guang, Spot News, 3rd Prize Stories]

[Ed Kashi, Contemporary Issues, 2nd Prize Singles]

[Darcy Padilla, Contemporary Issues, 2nd Prize Stories]

[Feisal Omar, Daily Life, 1st Prize Singles]

[Mads Nissen, Daily Life, 3rd Prize Stories]

[Thomas P. Peschak, Nature, 1st Prize Singles]

[Andrew McConnell, Arts and Entertainment, 1st Prize Singles]

I don’t think that the series by Andrew McConnell was featured – or it was hidden somewhere really good – which is a shame, because those photos are great.

[Fabio Cuttica, Arts and Entertainment, 3rd Prize Singles]

[Amit Madheshiya, Arts and Entertainment, 1st Prize Stories]

[Daniele Tamagni, Arts and Entertainment, 2nd Prize Stories]

[Amit Sha’al, Arts and Entertainment, 3rd Prize Stories]


2 thoughts on “World Press Photo 2011

  1. The McConnell series was there, but not all of it was big. I think it was the family watching TV, the boy w/ the donkey cart and the woman in the tent that were big, the others were miniatures on the plaque next to them.

    That’s how I remember it, at least.
    I’ll most probably see it again btw Christmas and New Year’s, so I can tell you then ^^

    • If it was there, I must have totally missed it because I have no recollection of seeing the photos before finding them online. But since you have so specific memories of it, I’m willing to trust your brain more than mine in this case.

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