Catching Fire (Suzanne Collins)

Catching Fire is the second book in The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. [Here’s my review of The Hunger Games.]

Plot: [With SPOILERS for The Hunger Games]
With the way the Hunger Games ended Katniss has definitely upset the system. So before she, Peeta and their entourage travel from district to district on their victory tour, Katniss gets a visit from President Snow. He lets her know without a doubt that rebellion of any kind on her part will not be tolerated – and that she has to make this clear to the districts as well, where unrest is brewing. Since it’s not only Katniss’ life that he threatens, but also that of her family and friends, Katniss complies as well as she can. And then the rug is completely pulled from under her when she and Peeta are drawn back into the 75 year special edition of the Games.

Catching Fire is not as good as The Hunger Games, but only by a slight margin. I again completely fell into the book and enjoyed it a lot.

Catching Fire focuses even more on the PR/TV angle than The Hunger Games did and Suzanne Collins seems to know what she’s talking about when she talks about media. It feels very realistic, with just the right amount of cynicism.

There are some great characters in the book. I still really like Katniss, and I love Peeta anyway and – I think I haven’t mentioned him yet – Cinna is made of awesome. [SPOILER] Which makes his ending hurt so much more. [/SPOILER] And Finnick was a great addition (as well as most of the other victors), even though the way Collins added depth to him was just a bit stereotypical.

The only thing that rather got on my nerve was the whole story with Gale. I mean, Gale has his good sides, but the complications he adds to the story are completely unnecessary.

Was hooked until the last bit and had no idea how they were going to resolve the situation. The only thing I knew right away was [SPOILER] that Plutarch was one of the rebels. Not exactly subtle that guy – as soon as he flashed that mockingjay watch, it was perfectly clear. [/SPOILER]

Summarising: Even though not quite as good as book one, it was so good I can hardly wait for three.

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