Hoshi o ou kodomo [Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below] (2011)

Hoshi o ou kodomo
Director: Makoto Shinkai
Writer: Makoto Shinkai
Cast: Hisako Kanemoto, Kazuhiko Inoue, Miyu Irino
Part of: Anilogue

Asuna (Hisako Kanemoto) spends most of her time alone on a near-by mountain where she has a hide-out and a self-built radio with which she tries to hear anything, really. But one day after school she gets chased by a monster and is saved by the attractive Shun (Miyu Irino). She finds out that Shun is not from our world, but from the mysterious underworld Agartha. When Shun disappears, Asuna and her teacher Mr. Morisaki (Kazuhiko Inoue) follow Shun’s brother Shin (Miyu Irino) to Agartha and to a big adventure.

The film has a few issues, but the film works amazingly well despite that, mostly because of the wonderful characters. It’s also beautiful and I was very and truly impressed by it.

Let’s talk about the couple of issues I had with the film first. a) Asuna is continuously saved by everyone but herself and even though she says that she’s been dying for adventure, it takes a boy to take her on one before she actually achieves anything. b) [SPOILER] Asuna’s father is obviously from Agartha, but nobody ever comes to that conclusion on screen or even suspects it, apparently. [/SPOILER] c) The ending for Shin sucks extremely hard. Poor guy would have deserved better.

But despite that I was completely invested into the story and especially the characters. Like in Princess Mononoke they always act according to their own motives, which may line up for a while, but then they don’t anymore and then they might again. But that doesn’t mean for example that just because Shin likes Asuna, he gives up his original mission.

Visually it was absolutely stunning. Though there were moments where they might have been trying a little too hard to make you gasp, but mostly, they just really made you gasp.

I have to admit that I shed more than a few tears watching this film. And I’d gladly watch and do it again.

Summarising: Loved it.

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