Alois Nebel (2011)

Alois Nebel
Director: Tomás Lunák
Writer: Jaroslav Rudiš, Jaromír 99
Based on: Jaroslav Rudiš and Jaromír 99’s comic trilogy
Cast: Miroslav Krobot, Marie Ludvíková, Leoš Noha, Karel Roden, Alois Švehlík
Part of: Anilogue

Czech Republic, 1989. Alois Nebel (Miroslav Krobot) is a dispatcher in a small village close to the Polish border. He is generally content with being alone and not having to talk much, but sometimes he starts hallucinating and basically the whole of Czech history seems to come to his trainstation in his hallucinations. But Alois can’t cope with this and finally ends up in a sanatorium where he meets the mysterious Mute (Karel Roden), who carries his own piece of the past with him in the form of a foto.

This movie was dominated by the absolute boredom it ellicited in a 5 km radius. I tried so hard, but I just couldn’t keep my eyes open after the first half hour or so.

The movie is very pretty to look at, as long a no character was moving. But the movements were just a bit off, which was completely irritating. It’s hard to explain but they were kinda too fluid and they stopped too abruptly. Or something like it.

But rarely have I encountered a film that is so completely uninteresting. Maybe if I had more of an interest in that part of history in that particular place, but even then I kinda doubt it. The movie was that boring.

From what I gathered from the people around me and their talks after the film, everybody had a pretty hard time understanding what was going on. I mean, even the people that didn’t fall asleep for two thirds of the film. Which is rarely a good sign.

Maybe the graphic novel is more engaging. But I doubt that I will ever find out.

Summarising: Only if you need a cure for insomnia.

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