The Switch (2010)

The Switch
Director: Josh Gordon, Will Speck
Writer: Allan Loeb
Based on: Jeffrey Eugenides‘ short story “Baster”
Cast: Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Thomas Robinson, Patrick Wilson, Jeff Goldblum, Juliette Lewis (and about 30 delicious seconds of Scott Elrod)

Wally (Jason Bateman) and Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) are best friends and both long-time singles. When Kassie decides that her being single is no reason that she can’t have a baby, Wally is a bit taken aback, gets completely drunk at Kassie’s insemination party and then spills the chosen donor Roland’s (Patrick Wilson) semen. As drunk as he is, he figures that the best thing he can do is to donate his own sperm instead – and immediately forgets it ever happened. 7 years later, after Kassie moved to the suburbs and back again, Wally is confronted with Sebastian (Thomas Robinson), her son, and discovers eerie similarities.

I was extremely hesitant to see this movie. The idea that somebody hijacks somebody else’s pregnancy is far from funny and more really icky. But in the end, curiosity won me over and they did handle the concept way better than I thought they would. It still remains an average movie, though.

I like Jason Bateman but why does he play in so many average-crappy movies? I mean, he does make them kind of more bearable but I’d enjoy him just as much, if not more, in good movies. Anyway, he is again really nice here and has a good chemistry with Thomas Robinson. They really are adorable together.

Add Jeff Goldblum and the eyecandy that is Patrick Wilson (and Scott Elrod) to that and it makes for a pretty decent cast. [Though I did wonder what was up with Juliette Lewis’ character.] Only Jennifer Aniston never really has anything to do. Which is surprisingly okay – the story is not about her, but about Wally finally growing up. And while I’m usually pretty frustrated by all those manchild stories, in this case they go about it with some brains which makes it fine. [Wally goes about growing up on his own – he doesn’t expect Kassie to do his growing for him or to show him how. He also only starts to get really interesting for her, when he does behave like an adult. So thanks for that.]

From my laudatory words you shouldn’t expect too much, though. It’s just that I expected that in the best case I would end up not hating the film. Turns out that it was okay enough but that doesn’t make it good, not really.

Instead it’s predictable and a little tired and never really gets its act entirely together. But it’s watchable.

Summarising: Sure, if you want light entertainment and have nothing else to do.

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