Happy 2000th! [Reader Participation Welcome!]

My blog has grown quite a bit over these past years and what you’re reading now is my 2000th blog post on this site. Which I think is pretty damn awesome and warrants some kind of celebration!

So, I’ve been mulling this over in my head. How can I best celebrate my compulsion to share my opinions with the world? And then the simplest answer just came to me: by having even more opinions!

Here’s the deal, though: As a thank you to my plentiful and loyal readers (in my head you’re an army, breathlessly waiting for my blog post every day), you can decide what I should have opinions on! And you can decide in what way I should express them!

This is how this is going to work:

Step one

Choose a book, story, comic, movie, an episode (or two) of a TV show, a political topic, a blog entry, several things to compare – you can choose pretty much anything you ever thought “I wonder what kalafudra thinks about that?” of.
[It should be accessible to me though – a column in a local Taiwanese newspaper might be a bit hard.]
You can also specify a particular question – like what I make of the use of the word chagrin in the Twilight novels. [Please don’t choose that.]

Step two

Choose a form in which I should comment: The usual review, a blog-along or maybe even a vlog… it’s up to you!
If you want something else entirely, I’m willing to consider it – though I might have to draw the line at expressive dance. Also, I really suck at drawing things.

Step three

Leave a comment to this post and let me know what you want from me.

What else

You’re welcome to choose crappy things for me to review – much fun can be had with ranting. The only thing I’d ask of you is that you consider that I only have a limited amount of time – so please don’t ask for a blog-along of War and Peace, as it would probably take me a decade to finish.

Depending on the number of comments I’ll get on this [btw, you’re welcome to invite other people to this], I might not be able to do everything. But within a reasonable amount, I’ll try to get to all the suggestions.

Finally, so this doesn’t drag out into all eternity: I’ll take comments left until May 31st into account and then I’ll try to do it all within the next three months, so until August 31st.

So, get cracking! And thanks again for sticking around and reading! :)

19 thoughts on “Happy 2000th! [Reader Participation Welcome!]

  1. In reply to your tweet, I do read your blog all the time and I always enjoy your insightful, well-written and often hilarious reviews! That said, I’ve been thinking about something to post here but so far haven’t come up with anything. In my world, with a few exceptions I pretty much only ever watch/read something if your review sounds promising, so I’m at a loss for suggestions and if that’s not a compliment for your 2000th blog post, then I don’t know what is! ;) Anyways, I’ll keep thinking!

    • Thanks! That us one hell of a compliment. Didn’t mean to fish for that, but I do enjoy it. :)

      And with your study background, you could try to educate me. Your suggestion doesn’t have to be a popculturerelevant crapfest. ;)

      Let me know if you do think of something!

      • no popculture crapfest? where’s the fun in that? ;) no, ok, i’ll think of something, but i have another suggestion first, because it keeps popping up all over the internet – “fifty shades of grey”? you know you want to. ;P

        • I don’t know if I actually want to – but now I will have to. ;) Definitely a good choice for popculture crapfest.

          And you can keep them coming, if you have any more suggestions. No limit.

    • It seems that everybody was thinking that. But at least people are thinking about it – that’s reassuring to hear!

      Thanks for reading and commenting. And I hope you still have an idea! ;)

  2. hi, es tut mir leid, dass ich erst jetzt hier kommentiere….ich hab einfach auch sehr lange überlegt…und jetzt hab ich endlich was gefunden ich verstehe wenn es dir zu spät ist…schließlich bin ich ja weit nach der deadline, aber sehe es einfach als empfehlung ;)
    es ist ein trashmovie…aber ein künstlerisch wertvoller :D…es ist eine hommage an die reine willkür! und ich wär einfach gespannt was du dazu sagst^^


    PS: es sei darauf hingewiesen, dasss dieser film auf imdb eine bessere bewertung hat, als twilight ;)

    • Also, prinzipiell würd ich auch die Late Submission auf jeden Fall noch akzeptieren. So großzügig bin ich. :)

      Aber Rubber hab ich tatsächlich schon gesehen und reviewed: https://kalafudra.wordpress.com/2010/10/15/rubber-2010/

      Wenn du aber gern noch hättest, dass ich ihn mir ein zweites Mal anschau und review, wär ich auch dazu bereit. Ich bin flexibel.

      PS: Freut mich voll, dass du mitmachst – für dich extende ich deadline auch ins Unendliche! ;)

          • hi,
            so ein neuer versuch….bei der suchfunktion bei deinem blog bin ich nicht drauf gestoßen, aber vielleicht habe ich ja mit den falschen worten gesucht…ich hoffe mal nicht….ansonsten üerlege ich gerne weiter.
            Vorschlag wäre : Genius Party
            7 anime-filme von Studio 4°C (präsentiert von rapid eye movies )
            wäre einfach gespannt was du dazu sagst^^

          • Also, die kenn ich noch nicht – jetzt haben wir’s geschafft! Du kannst aber natürlich trotzdem weiter überlegen. So komm ich auch zu Dingen, die ich mir sonst vielleicht nicht anschauen würde.

            Im Moment bin ich noch ziemlich eingesetzt, aber sobald ich dazu komm, werd ich sie mir anschauen! :)

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