Workshop Discussion with Marvin Kren

Marvin Kren is an Austrian filmmaker who made his debut with the zombie movie Rammbock and has just finished shooting his new movie Glazius, the first Austrian monster film. During the /slash Filmfestival he and festival director Markus Keuschnigg discussed making a movie, especially a monster movie and we got to see the first teaser tailer for Glazius.

First of all, let me say that Glazius looks pretty damn awesome. The teaser was really short and didn’t give much insight, but Kren talked about it some more and also showed us some of the concept art which promises a whole lot of awesome. (I’m talking animal-insect hybrids here.)

The talk was also really interesting. Kren seems very nice and it was really interesting to hear how a monster movie is made in Austria. Though Kren has probably been luckier than the average filmmaker, both with finding the funding for Rammbock and for Glazius. Not that he didn’t deserve it, but especially in the creative field, luck is something you need, desperately, to succeed.

Kren also talked about the work process with his screen writer Benjamin Hessler (who he met in film school). They work very closely together and it was interesting to hear how they do it. Especially since Austrian cinema tends to be dominated by films by writer-directors, and not films by writers and directors.

In short, it was a really pleasant and informative way to spend an hour.

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