Short Movies at the /slash Filmfestival 2012

In this post I’m going to sum up all the short films that were shown during this year’s /slash Filmfestival. [And I just wanted to point out that two of those short films were from Austria and they were both awesome. So, yay for Austrian film makers!]

Spitzendeckchen (Lace Doily)
Director: Dominik Hartl
Writer: Sarah Wassermair
Cast: Petra Staduan, Traute Furthner, Alexander E. Fennon, Moritz Vierboom

Anna (Petra Staduan) just broke up with her boyfriend Daniel (Moritz Vierboom) and is looking for a new apartment. She finds one quickly and at a great price, but something weird is going on in it.

Spitzendeckchen is excellent. The idea is creative and its execution really funny and very Austrian. The cast was not always perfect and the script a little wobbly sometimes, but I had a lot of fun.

The Monster of Mad Mooney’s Lake
Director: Greg Hanson
Writer: Greg Hanson
Cast: Jon Bass, William A. Carlson, Emily Skeggs, Erik Skum
You can watch it here.

A chemical company is polluting Mad Mooney’s Lake and quite by accident creates a monster that way that goes on to threaten the lives of the people nearby. Among these people are Harry (Jon Bass) and Brian (William A. Carlson) who try to investigate the disappearance of their friend RJ (Erik Skum).

The Monster of Mad Mooney’s Lake was a really cool short film. It had a garage movie feel to it, but even more than that, it was just a straight up hommage that worked perfectly well and still managed to surprise me with its ending. I liked it a lot.

Meat Me in Plainville
Director: Greg Hanson, Casey Regan
Writer: Greg Hanson, Casey Regan
Cast: Christopher Webb, Emily Skeggs, Jessica Webb, Dmitriy Molchanov

After a meat crisis, cannibalism has been legalized and only a small group of protesters would rather go vegetarian and are lobbying to get human meat banned again. But when the protesters actually succeed in Plainville, all hell breaks loose.

Meat Me in Plainville was absolutely charming. The idea was fun and you only noticed the small budget when you looked really closely. The acting wasn’t really strong, though, but it didn’t matter much. It might not have been as great as Mad Mooney, but pretty cool.

Director: Richard Powell
Writer: Richard Powell
Cast: Robert Nolan, Astrida Auza, Cathryn Hostick

John (Robert Nolan) is married to Charlotte (Astrida Auza) with whom he has a teenage daughter, Jordan (Cathryn Hostick). Jordan is about to go to college, which leaves John finally free to leave Charlotte. But as things start spiralling out of control, John starts doubting his inner voice that keeps pushing him.

Familiar was very well acted. Robert Nolan was very good, but who actually stole the show was Astrida Auza. I’d gladly watch an overlength movie with her, instead of just a short film. The special effects were also really great ([SPOILER] there’s an eye opening inside John’s leg, an image that will stay with me forever [/SPOILER]). It’s a weird movie that is unfortunately a little cheapened by being pretty forseeable. It’s a good watch, it just didn’t blow me away.

Director: Ryan Haysom
Writer: Ryan Haysom, Jon Britt
Cast: Hester Arden, Stephen M. Gilbert, Rocco Menzel

An old man (Stephen M. Gilbert) drives through the night, hunting a serial killer. He gets mysterious calls from that killer and he is often really close, but he is also plagued by the moments where he is too late.

That movie didn’t work for me. I thought it was boring and completely predictable. Plus, the sound was really bad – it was extremely loud, but at the same time you couldn’t understand what was being said (especially the phone calls were a challenge). Visually it was rather impressive – the killer’s mask especially lend itself to some very striking moments – but put altogether it was just a supremely uncomfortable experience.

The Transmission
Director: Brian Lonano
Writer: Brian Lonano
Cast: Holly Lynn Ellis, Don Singalewitch
You can watch it here.

Henry (Don Singalewitch) sits home alone, watches TV and drinks. Outside there’s a thunderstorm, while inside his TV starts to pick up a transmission – from his dead wife Moira (Holly Lynn Ellis).

The Transmission was very creepy – right up until the actual monster showed up. But Moira in front of the TV set freaked me out. And nevertheless the movie managed to retain a sense of humor. I really enjoyed it.

Director: Peter Hengl
Writer: Peter Hengl
Cast: Eva Pröglhöf, Johannes Schüchner, Lies Kató

Katja (Eva Pröglhöf) and Andreas (Johannes Schüchner) just moved into a new apartment. It was supposed to be cleared out entirely, but a mysterious locked box was left behind. But that’s not the only thing in the apartment.

Vadim did not have the strongest cast and it was predictable where things were headed. Nevertheless it was super-freaking-creepy. I was downright scared watching it. Chapeau, Mr Hengl, chafuckingpeau.

[Trigger Warning]

Morgue Street
Director: Alberto Viavattene
Writer: Alberto Viavattene, Emiliano Ranzani
Based on: Edgar Allan Poe‘s short story (kinda)
Cast: Mario Cellini, Désirée Giorgetti, Roberto Nali, Federica Tommasi

A mother-daughter prostitute duo, Lisa (Désirée Giorgetti) and Anna (Federica Tommasi), have a costumer (Roberto Nali) who travels with the circus. But then the costumer’s gorilla (Mario Cellini) makes and appearance and things turn bloody.

To say that I didn’t like this movie is putting it extremely lightly. The entire film is a clusterfuck of misogyny and an exclusively male perspective and the fetishization of violence and it ends [SPOILER, I guess] with the rapist gorilla weeping for his handler who was killed. Not with the girl whose mom was killed and who was raped. [SPOILER] Hells to the no.

Thy Kill Be Done
Director: Greg Hanson, Casey Regan
Writer: Greg Hanson, Casey Regan
Cast: Rachel Cervarich, Chaseedaw Giles, Jessica Webb, Scott Hand, William A. Carlson
[You can watch it here.]

After a group of group addicts kill their monsignor, three nuns (Rachel Cervarich, Chaseedaw Giles, Jessica Webb) decide it’s time to clean the city up.

Thy Kill Be Done was the only of the Hanson/Regan short films that left me cold. It had its moments and the concept should have worked, but it didn’t click for me. Maybe because I’m not religious, so the idea of nuns kicking ass isn’t in itself titillating for me.


6 thoughts on “Short Movies at the /slash Filmfestival 2012

  1. Just found this…. thanks for the nice Review! :-)
    BTW I’ve shot a new short (not a Horror film, but geeky nevertheless) – it’s called “The Hero” (Der Held) and it’s going to be shown at “Kino unter Sternen” on July 6th at Karlsplatz in Vienna!
    Oh, and I’m working on a new film….

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