World Press Photo 2012

As every year, I went to the World Press Photo exhibition. This year, though, I didn’t go with deadra, but with B. and S. Nevertheless, you’ll get my favorites after the jump as usual.

I do think that there were more female photographers honored this year than in the previous years. I don’t have a statistic, but that’s my impression. If it’s true, it’s pretty damn cool and should be encouraged.

Let’s get started with the overall winner:

[Samuel Aranda]

[Li Yang; that young woman tried to commit suicide, was grabbed and sustained no injuries.]

[Salil Bera; the leopard attacked his handler. The handler survived, the leopard didn’t.]

[Niclas Hammarström; Utøya]

[Donald Miralle, Jr.]

[Ray McManus]

[Adam Pretty]

[Johnny Haglund]

[Laerke Posselt]

[Guillaume Herbaut; Femen is a Ukranian protest group that stages topless photos to point out issues like forced marriage or sex traffic]

[Donald Weber; inside a Ukranian interrogation room]

[Jenny E. Ross]

[Brent Stirton; a rhino and its bodyguards]

[Stephanie Sinclair; two husbands and their child brides]

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