Red Country (Joe Abercrombie)

Red Country is the newest novel by Joe Abercrombie, set in the same world as The First Law Trilogy, Best Served Cold and The Heroes. As Best Served Cold and The Heroes, it shares characters and they are in chronological order, but it’s a standalone novel.

Shy South and her stepfather Lamb left Shy’s little siblings at home to sell their harvest. But when they get home, their farm is burned down, their farmhand dead and the children stolen. So both Shy and Lamb prepare to go after them into the wildest part of the Far Country and get them back. Even if that means that both of them have to unearth pasts that they had rather seen forgotten.
At the same time, Temple, famed soldier of fortune Nicomo Cosca’s lawyer, is a person who has always chosen the easiest path available – which is the reason he is still with Cosca in the first place. And Cosca has just accepted a new mission – rooting out rebels in the Far Country.

Abercrombie has managed yet again to write a completely satisfying novel. With him you always know what you get and he always delivers.

As usual I loved the characters. Shy and Temple were amazing, Lamb too and I always like seeing Shivers again. Northmen generally are the shit – scarred, ugly and dangerous and I just can’t get enough of them.

And of course, I just love that Abercrombie [SPOILER] brought Logan back from the dead. At first I didn’t want to believe that it was actually him and I kept waiting for a switch-and-bait thing (or a spelled out confirmation) but neither ever came. [/SPOILER] It’s fantastic.

And I pretty much loved the idea of the Dragon People and their dragon. That was amazing and something I really wanted to see a movie treatment of.

But I think that it has been a little too long that I read the other books, actually. Even though Red Country stands on its own, I felt like I was missing hints and references to the other books that I had simply forgotten. I guess that just means that I’ll just have to go on a huge re-read bender. There are definitely worse things than that.

Summarising: everything very cool.

5 thoughts on “Red Country (Joe Abercrombie)

  1. I’m going to order a few new books and I’m certainly going to give China Mieville a try, but I’m not sure which other authors I should check out. Do you think Joe Abercrombie could be my cup of tea? Btw, I really liked your reviews of the first law trilogy. :)

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