Ink (2009)

Director: Jamin Winans
Writer: Jamin Winans
Cast: Christopher Soren Kelly, Quinn Hunchar, Jessica Duffy, Jennifer Batter, Jeremy Make, Eme Ikwuakor, Shelby Malone

Every night the storytellers come to earth, bring dreams to the children and defend them against the Incubi and their nightmares. But one night, Emma’s (Quinn Hunchar) soul gets taken to the shadow world by one of the Incubi. Allel (Jennifer Batter) and some of the storytellers go after her to save her. But it seems that what they really need is Emma’s estranged father John (Christopher Soren Kelly) to get Emma back.

For a low budget movie, Ink is extremely impressive. It has creative world building, cool visuals and a decent cast. Most importantly, it represents the kind of innovation that should come out of the low budget corner.

The most outstanding thing about this film is certainly its look. Not only are the special effects really good (like when the Storytellers enter the real world) and the character designs really cool, the Incubi are actually creepy. Since that is usually pretty difficult, even with a big budget, it was especially great.

That doesn’t mean that the movie doesn’t look like an independent production. It is rather noticeable, in the locations and the cinematography. But even when it’s clear that there isn’t a big studio behind the movie (in a positive as much as a negative way), it didn’t actually matter.

The cast was also really good – which is another thing that often falls a little short in movies like it. That’s especially impressive when it comes to Quinn Hunchar, who is still so very young. Unfortunately the dialogues are not as good as the actors sometimes and do seem a little stilted.

But the story draws you in – and it even surprised me. [SPOILER] I thought that Ink would turn out to be Emma’s mom, not Emma’s dad. [/SPOILER] I honestly cared about Emma, John and the Storytellers and I was touched and moved by it all. What more could you ask for?

Summarising: I pretty much loved it and don’t know why there aren’t more people who have seen it.


2 thoughts on “Ink (2009)

  1. Sounds very interesting! I like those kind of films. For another innovative low budget movie you should give “Hell” from 2011 a try (It is hell as in German bright, not as in English the realm of Satan) – its the debut movie of a German director called Tim Fehlbaum. A post-apocalyptic (OF COURSE!) film that does a really good job with simplest means. Filmgalerie 8einhalb in Garnisongasse has it…

    • I think we already talked about this movie after you saw it – in any case, it is already on my watchlist. That means, I will get to it at some point. Hopefully soon.

      And you should try and get your hands on Ink. It was really cool. :)

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