Parker (2013)

Director: Taylor Hackford
Writer: John J. McLaughlin
Based on: Donald E. Westlake (as Richard Stark)‘s novel Flashfire
Cast: Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Chiklis, Wendell Pierce, Clifton Collins Jr.Michah Hauptman, Bobby Cannavale, Emma Booth, Nick Nolte

Parker (Jason Statham) is a professional criminal and he’s good at his job. After the successful robbery of the Ohio State Fair, the crew he works with sets him up, though. Leaving him for dead, they take off with his share to fund the next heist. But Parker survives and decides to go after them. He finds out that they are in Palm Beach and with the help of real estate agent Leslie (Jennifer Lopez), finds their hiding place. And then he goes after them.

Parker is pretty much exactly what you expect from a Jason Statham film. Which means that it’s fun, entertaining and a little dumb. What surprised me about it, though, was that it’s pretty gory and that Jennifer Lopez what actually pretty good.


Jason Statham will never be the world’s greatest actor. I guess everybody knows that. But he’s had plenty of time to become this character – as it’s basically the same guy he’s played in the Transporter movies or The Mechanic. Or almost every other film he’s ever been in. But it’s a concept that works.

And as I said, Jennifer Lopez what actually pretty good and really entertaining. I very much liked her character who provided the much needed lightness to Parker’s harshness without being only a joke with a pretty face.


The movie is generally pretty entertaining. It is surprisingly gory, as I said, but I don’t mind that at all. It is unsurprisingly predictable, but I didn’t mind that, either.

While it isn’t perfect – the beginning of the last third drags a lot, everytime Statham tries to crack a joke I had to cringe a bit, and Statham just isn’t topless enough – there have been many worse films out there. And this one’s enjoyable.


Summarising: If you like Statham movies – this one’s certainly one of his better films.


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