Delirium (Lauren Oliver)

Delirium is the first book in the Delirium Trilogy by Lauren Oliver.

Lena Haloway grows up in a world where love is classified as a sickness and all people are cured from it when they turn 18. Lena can’t wait to be cured in a few months since she lost her mother to the disease – she killed herself from desperation. Her best friend Hana on the other hand is experimenting with the underground, going to forbidden parties and listening to forbidden music. But everything changes when Lena meets Alex and falls in love.

Delirium was a really engaging read. I liked the world-building and the characters and the story draws you in. It wasn’t perfect, but it was very nice.


I really liked Lena and especially enjoyed her relationship with Hana. We get way too little friendships between girls where it doesn’t turn out that one betrays the other or where they’re bickering all the time. And even though their relationship isn’t problem-free, their love for each other is never in question. More of that, please.

I thought that Alex was a little bland – a little too much of a generic love interest. And Oliver’s prose sometimes gets a bit much, when she gets a bit lost in metaphors and descriptions of love. But it’s never really bad and most of the time her writing is just fine.

The pacing was excellent and kept you engaged – I didn’t really want to put the book down and I blazed through it pretty much. It was generally a really enjoyable read and I’ll certainly pick up the rest of the trilogy soon.

Summarising: if you want a young adult dystopia, this is a good choice.

(On a minor side note: it is pretty weird to read a book where the protagonist has the same name you have.)

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