World War Z (2013)

World War Z
Director: Marc Forster
Writer: Matthew Michael Carnahan, Drew Goddard, Damon Lindelof
Based on: Max Brooks’ novel World War Z
Cast: Brad PittMireille EnosFana Mokoena, James Badge Dale, Matthew Fox, David Morse, Peter Capaldi, Moritz Bleibtreu

Gerry (Brad Pitt) used to work as an investigator for the UN, but retired to be with his kids (Sterling Jerins, Abigail Hargrove) and wife Karin (Mireille Enos). It all goes well until the zombie apocalypse happens. As the world is overrun, Gerry’s former boss Thierry (Fana Mokoena) calls him back to duty and asks him to try and find out how the infection spread and how they could possibly stop it.

I loved the book, but from everything I read about the movie before seeing it, I knew not to expect it to be as good. Nevertheless I was still surprised by how bad this film was.


I’m not sure where exactly it all went wrong. But it definitely has something to do with the utter dumbness of the script. The zombies don’t make sense. The cure makes no sense whatsoever. Gerry’s enlightenment is ridiculous.

It was generally way too long. I fell asleep for about 20 minutes in the middle and I didn’t miss a thing in the story. And the zombies were ridiculous in their ungoriness. You make a zombie movie and there is no blood, no gore, no flesh? You have people being bitten and they don’t bleed? Puh-lease. That is just embarrassing.


There were things I liked about the film. I loved the interaction between Gerry and Karin. It really felt like they were a team and knew each other for a long time. I loved that she got to be really competent in a stressed situation. (I loved less that we got no explanation for that competence and that she was still stuck with the kids.) And the entire story arch surrounding Dr. Fassbach (Elyes Gabel) was just plain fantastic. The best bit of the film.

But all the good things were buried under stupidity and boredom. When not even the action can hold up in a film like this, there’s really no reason to watch it.


Summarising: Nah. Really. No.

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