Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983)

Twilight Zone: The Movie (is an anthology movie based on various episodes of the Twilight Zone show)
Director: John Landis
Writer: John Landis
Cast: Dan Aykroyd, Albert Brooks
Segment Time Out
Director: John Landis
Writer: John Landis
Cast: Vic Morrow, Doug McGrath, Charles Hallahan
Segment Kick the Can
Director: Steven Spielberg
Writer: George Clayton Johnson, Richard Matheson, Melissa Mathison
Cast: Scatman Crothers, Bill Quinn, Martin Garner, Selma Diamond, Helen Shaw, Murray Matheson, Peter Brocco, Priscilla Pointer
Segment It’s a Good Life
Director: Joe Dante
Writer: Jerome Bixby , Richard Matheson
Cast: Kathleen Quinlan, Jeremy Licht, Kevin McCarthy, Patricia Barry, William Schallert, Nancy Cartwright, Dick Miller
Segment Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
Director: George Miller
Writer: Richard Matheson
Based on: Richard Matheson‘s short story
Cast: John Lithgow, Abbe Lane, Donna Dixon, John Dennis Johnston, Larry Cedar, Dan Aykroyd
Part of: /slash Filmfestival

In the Prologue we see a driver (Albert Brooks) who picks up a hitchhiker (Dan Aykroyd), but things don’t go exactly as planned.
In Time Out, racist and antisemit Bill Connor (Vic Morrow) gets shown the error of his ways through involuntary time travel.
In Kick the Can, the residents of a senior home get another chance to play when Mr. Bloom (Scatman Crothers) joins them.
In It’s a Good Life, little Anthony (Jeremy Licht) has the power to make his life just as he wants it to be – something that Helen (Kathleen Quinlan) gets to experience herself when she meets him.
In Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, John Valentine (John Lithgow) battles with his fear of flying during a flight. But this time his fear might not be entirely unfounded.

I have never really seen the show, but I did like the movie. It was a nice and entertaining anthology, even though it didn’t blow me all away.


The Prologue was pretty cool but also very short. I liked Dan Aykroyd in it, in particular.

Time Out was a little boring and felt way too long. I did like the politics of it, but it was all very strange and didn’t really seem to end. (I later read that there was a terrible accident during the shoot where Vic Morrow and two children died, so they never really shot the ending, so that would explain that feeling.)

Kick the Can was incredibly sweet and nostalgic, it just hit me right in my sentimental spot. It was classic Spielberg and I loved it to bits.

The people of the /slash showed us the Twilight Zone episode this segment was based on, which was really cool and also very creepy because they left it entirely unresolved.

It’s a Good Life is very different. I loved the aesthetics of it – the house Anthony lives in and the cartoonish elements that come to life and especially that freaking rabbit that was all kinds of insane. Unfortunately, the ending didn’t work for me. It makes no sense and I would have prefered it as unresolved as in the episode.


Nightmare at 20,000 Feet was okay. John Lithgow was fantastic in it, a really entrancing performance. But the rest left me rather cold.


Summarizing: A nice watch. And I really should check out the show itself.

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