Dylan Moran: Yeah, Yeah

Dylan Moran came to Vienna with his program Yeah, Yeah. As a “supporting band” he was joined by Patrick Lamb.

Patrick Lamb only did 15 minutes or so, but they were really enjoyable 15 minutes. Apparently he’s new to this whole stand-up thing – not that you could tell from his act. I actually wanted to check out his full program, let’s still if I can still get around to that. (TIME! WHERE DOES IT GO?!)

Dylan Moran himself was great, though I didn’t feel that he had the best of nights. But even so, it was still an amazing evening.


Dylan Moran is a wonderful stand-up and there’s a part of me that is deeply in love with Bernard Black (which horrifies the rest of me a bit). So when I heard that he was coming to Vienna as part of the new English Stand-Up Program they have going on (next up: Russell Brand in March [for which they unfortunately jacked up the ticket prizes so much I’m going to need a telescope to actually see him]), I knew that I would totally be there. And I didn’t regret it one bit, though, as I said, it didn’t look like Dylan Moran had the night of his life.

He seemed a bit distracted, lost his train of thought big time at several moments and he was shaking pretty badly during the entire performance (was he ill? was it the fact that he wasn’t allowed to smoke?). I actually started to worry about him a bit.

But despite that it was still funny as hell. I laughed until I cried. It’s really amazing how entertaining bitterness can be, when you have a smart person make thoughtful jokes about it in an unfriendly way. I’d gladly see him again when/if he comes back.

Summarizing: a great, entertaining night. I can only recommend you watch him. Or at least Black Books.

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