Dylan Moran: Dr Cosmos

Dylan Moran came to Vienna again, this time with his program Dr Cosmos.
Seen on: 29.3.2019
[Here’s my review of the last time I saw him.]

I have seen Dylan Moran live a few times now and I’ll gladly continue to do so. His shows are funny and charming and a really wonderful way to spend the evening. With Dr Cosmos, I senses a bit of a shift in his persona: away from pessimistic nihilist to optimistic nihilist – and I have to say I quite liked that.

A banner for the show showing Dylan Moran in hues of yellow and pink.

Off the Hook already seemed less bitter than Yeah, Yeah, and with Dr Cosmos the journey has become even more obvious with Moran being almost actually positive. And as I said – I really like this development. Not that a good dose of bitterness can’t be entertaining, but a little mellowness and positivity probably makes for happier living. And Moran definitely was still funny like this.

Some things haven’t changed though, and one of those things is Moran’s way of losing his train of thought, or rather abruptly changing the subject. I think, it would feel weird by now if one of his shows felt scripted from end to end, with perfect transitions all the way through.

On a sidenote: I think this show was the first time that I saw a comedian admonish an audience for being late (maybe a slight culture clash at work here), but honestly, I found this part hilarious, albeit not part of the planned comedy.

There was one moment where I started cringing, when Moran talks about gender options, but he does manage to take the right turn at the necessary moment, even if he kind of muddles up gender and sexual orientation (and maybe came out as bi himself in the process? I’m not entirely sure). But other than that, I really had a good time the entire night. Looking forward to the next!

Summarizing: thank you, more, please.

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