Broken Mirrors (T.A. Pratt)

Broken Mirrors is the fifth of the Marla Mason novels by T.A. Pratt.
Finished on: 27.3.2019
[Here are my reviews of the other Marla Mason novels.]

Marla Mason is a problem-solver. So when somebody close to her dies, it’s just another problem that needs solving. And her solution is simple: she will just reach into a parallel universe, one that is much worse, and get that someone to her own universe. But things go very wrong indeed when The Mason and Crapsey enter through the gap Marla created – thoroughly evil versions of herself and Rondeau. The question is whether Marla can stop her evil self before she carries out her plans.

Broken Mirrors takes Marla Mason in a very new direction – and one I didn’t expect, but I definitely appreciated it – and it renewed my excitement about the series.

The book cover showing a dark figure in a cloak in front of a blue background with a spider-web pattern like broken glass over it.

Broken Mirrors is a self-published book – after the first four novels in the series, the original publisher didn’t want to continue with the series. I was afraid that that switch would make itself felt a lot, but it didn’t that much – apart from the cover that is very different to the covers that came before it and just not as good. But I can live with a bad cover when the book is good, and I certainly enjoyed Broken Mirrors.

There were a few things that suprised me about the book – Marla’s solution of the “death problem” to begin with. But even more so the ending that is surprisingly harsh and full of consequences. Those were definitely good surprises. Other things didn’t take me by surprise – like the new possible witch or the switcheroo towards the end – but I didn’t mind them either.

What I found very interesting is how Pratt deals with Rondeau inhabiting a new body now. For example, he went from being bi to being gay in that body. It puts its finger into the question of whether mind and body are or can be really separated at all and stirs a little. And I, for one, agree very much that transplanting a consciousness into another body would definitely change that consciousness – because there is no clear line between body and mind. It’s all one.

Anyway, even if Broken Mirrors doesn’t get you philosophizing, it’s definitely interesting and always entertaining. The publisher may have given up on the series, but I am definitely still with it.

Summarizing: Not a place to start the series, but absolutely one to continue.

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