Dylan Moran: Off the Hook

Dylan Moran came to Vienna again, this time with his program Off the Hook.
Seen on: 23.2.2016
[Here’s my review of the last time I saw him.]

Dylan Moran not only brought himself and his stand-up but a series of drawings he did and that were a quite literal backdrop to his performance. A performance that was funny and entertaining and great and maybe not quite as bitter as the usual Moran shows. Maybe.


The last time I saw him, Moran was shaking quite badly throughout the show and I was worried that this might have to do with not smoking on stage. This time Moran told us that he had quit smoking, but he was still shaking a lot, though maybe not as strong as last time. It seems that he has been always doing it, in all his shows, so it’s probably nothing to worry about.

Anyway, this is not a review of his shaking or his physical condition, but of his show and that was pretty damn good. This time round it felt like he talked more about his family and he maybe felt a little older and calmer, though “calmer” is very relative when it comes to Moran. There is still enough in his show he can get worked up about.

I also quite liked his drawings that are weird and absurd and often very funny. Sometimes I didn’t know what to focus more on – his show or the drawings. Which is okay because Moran also wasn’t completely focused and lost his train of thought a couple of times. Again not as much as the last time, but still. Well, I guess it’s just part of how he does things. I didn’t mind in any case. It adds a certain improvised feeling to the show and keeps things fresh.

In any case, it was one hell of an entertaining evening – I won’t mind watching him when he comes to Vienna the next time (which is hopefully soon).

Summarizing: Awesome.

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