Re-Watch: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Director: Jim Sharman
Writer: Richard O’Brien, Jim Sharman
Cast: Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Richard O’Brien, Patricia Quinn, Nell Campbell, Jonathan Adams, Peter Hinwood, Meat Loaf, Charles Gray

Brad (Barry Bostwick) and Janet (Susan Sarandon) just got engaged and decide to visit their former teacher in whose class they met. But on the way there, they get lost and a flat tire and so they end up at a weird manor where strange things are going on. Not only is there a strange celebration, but the host, Dr Frank N. Furter (Tim Curry) has announced that what they’re celebrating is that he built a man.

Looking objectively at it, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is not a particularly good movie. The acting isn’t very good, the dialogues are cheesy, the special effects aren’t great. But none of that matters the slightest because it is one of the best movies ever. It knows what it is and what it wants and it takes it with a sense of humor and an excellent soundtrack. Also, Tim Curry’s legs just deserve their own film.


I don’t know how many times I’ve seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show already. Enough times that I can not only sing along to all the songs, I can also speak along most of the dialogue. I think the first time I saw it, I must have been around eight years old. Definitely primary school, though – because my parents are awesome. And ever since I have been re-watching it on a semi-regular basis. And of course in between I listen to the soundtrack.

Since I watch it rather extensively, it probably comes to no one’s surprise that I absolutely love this film. (At one point I will make it to one of those cinemas that show the movie every day and have been doing so for years.)


I love the music, the absolutely ridiculously overblown plot, the characters and I love to watch Tim Curry in high heels and garter belts. (I swear this movie alone is like 35% responsible for what I find attractive in general.) And it’s just so much fun. From the constant nods to (mostly rather trashy) SciFi movies to the scene where they just yell each other’s names, there is not one boring second.

Though even if there was, I probably wouldn’t notice anymore because I just love this film to bits. It’s fantastic.


Summarizing: Absolute classic and rightly so.


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