Bill Bailey: Qualmpeddler

Bill Bailey came to Vienna with his Qualmpeddler program.

Bill Bailey’s show is a mix of music show, normal stand-up and utter lunacy. He is a proficient musician and really uses that for his show, creating surprising musical numbers with a lot of knowledge and respect of but not much reverence for genres. And he’s just a smart man with a lot of funny stories.


Within minutes of his program, I was laughing so hard, I had tears in my eyes. Whether it’s him talking about what he’d rather listen to than One Direction – which quickly escalates to dimensions you could have never thought of – or whether he’s targeting celebrity culture – which actually led to him losing his cool a bit because he asked what kind of obnoxious celebrity who didn’t actually do anything to make them famous but somehow they are we have in Austria, expecting a blond, stupid, young woman. But what he got was Austria’s version of this, a 70-year-old, stupid, rich guy. Which already threw him. But he was then completely blown when a heckler cried out that that guy was a “media whore”.

He had some amazing songs in the program as well. My favorite was actually the Downton-Abbey-Reggae-Mix that still almost makes me cry just thinking about it.

I would really like to live in Bailey’s head for a little while. The places he goes to are equally absurd, clever, silly, creative and surreal. And as he jumps between topics and from bit to bit, you don’t always get the connection of how he got there – but somehow it all comes together in the end, forming a coherent whole coming back again and again to the story of Bill Bailey and an owl in China.

billbaileyqualmpeddler1Summarizing: Awesome.

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