Bill Bailey: Larks in Transit

Bill Bailey came to Vienna with his Larks in Transit program.
Seen on: 30.10.2019

I’ve seen Bill Bailey live already, so I knew what I was in for – and his Larks in Transit program absolutely delivers. It’s funny and weird and filled with good musical gags.

The show announcement showing Bill Bailey looking skywards in front of a green background with a superimposed map.

Bill Bailey has a tendency to jump from topic to topic in his programs and it isn’t always clear how he got from one place to the nect. On this evening that tendency was a little more pronounced than I remembered it being, but it didn’t hurt the program a bit – you just need to stay flexible enough to follow along.

Bailey, too, had to stay a little flexible, because audience reactions were a little weird that night, and, I think, a little frustrating for him. But he dealt with it and it was definitely a whole lot of fun for us in the audience to watch it.

Bill Bailey playing a table full of cowbells.

As usual, the music bits were the highlight of his show. He has an in-depth knowledge of music and musical genres and is an expert musician – a power he uses to make fun of everything and it’s perfect. My personal favorite this time was his bluesy Old MacDonald version (see a short version of it below).

There were a couple of moments where I was afraid that things would take a wrong turn, comedywise, and I prepared to cringe, but Bailey always new when to change directions that it never actually went too far. In the end, no cringing was necessary – just a whole lot of laughing.

Summarizing: Thoroughly entertaining.

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