Director: Fernando Lebrija
Writer: Brandon Broussard, Hudson Obayuwana, Jana Savage
Cast: Nesta Cooper, Keith Powers, Alicia Sanz, Jake Borelli, Anne Winters, Patrick Davis, Michael Provost, Ryan Malaty, Kate Walsh, John Michael Higgins, Valarie Rae Miller, Jeffrey D. Sams, Leah Rose Randall
Seen on: 10.11.2019

Dani (Nesta Cooper) dreams of becoming a vet and is working hard at her dream, studying and volunteering at a shelter. She runs into Cameron (Keith Powers) there when he brings in a dog to get treated. Cameron is the most popular guy in school, part of the swim team and has been Dani’s crush for a while. When they become closer, Dani’s former friend turned bully Alexa (Alicia Sanz) takes a renewed interest in Dani, given that she used to date Cameron herself. Alexa also runs the most popular social media channel about life at their high school, and she introduces Dani to her shiny world.

#REALITYHIGH is cute enough as it lasts, but is ultimately pretty much forgettable as it never strays off the beaten path.

The film poster showing Dani (Nesta Cooper), Cameron (Keith Powers) and Alexa (Alicia Sanz) standing in a hashtag-symbol.

#REALITYHIGH really has one thing that makes it stand out, and that is that it has two black kids as the romantic pairing. (Teen) RomComs with two black people falling in love are really rare and it was nice that we got it here. Especially since Nesta Cooper was a fantastic lead and quite a discovery. I hope we get to see more of her.

But apart from that, there is nothing here we have seen before. We get the mean girl who has it out for our protagonist, we get the protagonist being lured into a shiny new circle of friends – only to learn that not all that glitters is gold. And so on, and so forth. That we haven’t seen it as much with a social media angle is only a question of time. The mechanics of everything stay the same.

Dani (Nesta Cooper) looking critical.

And in all that sameness, the film just doesn’t manage to stand out and to rise above its own material. It’s a film that is entertaining enough while it lasts, for sure, and you will probably have fun watching it. But it somebody asks you a little later whether you’ve seen the film, you’ll probably have to take a second to think about it and then chances are about 50:50 that you’ll actually remember. There are certainly worse things – but those you’d probably remember a lot better.

Cameron (Keith powers) gives  Dani (Nesta Cooper) a stuffed animal.

Summarizing: shrug.

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