Gathering Blue (Lois Lowry)

Gathering Blue is the second novel in the Giver Quartet by Lois Lowry. [Here’s my review of the first.]

Kira was born with a deformed leg which usually means instant exclusion from the community and death. But her mother fought for her and was able to raise her in the community and teach her her trade – sawing and embroidery, for which Kira shows a special aptitude. But now her mother is dead and Kira faces a death sentence again – unless she can convince the Council that she can contribute and that there is a reason for her to stay.

I think I read Gathering Blue in a single day, practically in one sitting while waiting for a doctor’s appointment. That was possible not only because the book is rather short, but mostly because I was unable to put it down. I was entirely engrossed with Kira and her world. Fantastic.


How Gathering Blue ties in with The Giver is only alluded to at the very end, which was a little confusing for me at first. The Giver ends very openly and that that story wasn’t continued immediately surprised me (I do hope it’s continued in one of the two following books – I shall find out).

But I quickly got over my surprise because the story was just so engaging. Again, as in The Giver, the topics broached and the conclusions Lowry draws are not new. She gives them a fresh feel though and elaborates on them so logically and consequently that it doesn’t matter.

Kira is a great protagonist, another reason I liked the book so much. I loved that she has a disability that doesn’t actually keep her from anything. She thinks for herself and makes her own decisions. She takes care of people, which is not shown as a weakness but as a great strength.

The ending took me by surprise (as it did in The Giver), even though it was very much in character for Kira. Still, I expected things to go down differently, but I didn’t mind when they didn’t.

Summarizing: I am just really enjoying this series. Looking forward to the next one.


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