See No Evil (2006)

See No Evil
Director: Gregory Dark
Writer: Dan Madigan
Cast: Glenn JacobsChristina VidalMichael J. PaganSamantha NobleSteven VidlerCecily PolsonLuke PeglerRachael TaylorPenny McNameeCraig HornerMikhael WilderTiffany Lamb
[/slash colleague cornholio reviewed it as well.]

A few years ago police officer Williams (Steven Vidler) stumbled upon the scene of a horrific crime, finding a woman who had her eyes removed. The perpetrator is still there and Williams loses his hand to him. Now he works as a guard in a Juvenile Detention Center. They just started a new social work program and a group of delinquents is supposed to clean up the old Blackwell Hotel. But they are not the only ones at the hotel.

See No Evil was not particularly good. I could see potential in the concept but there was too much that didn’t make a whole lot of sense. At least the gore isn’t bad.



Every year they show surprise movies at the /slash Filmfestival. This year they even gave out small hints as to what those films could be. One of those hints had something to do with seeing, which is why cornholio guessed that it could be See No Evil 2. So just to be on the safe side, I watched this film (since I hate to watch series not in their intended order). I probably wouldn’t have watched it otherwise since the set-up didn’t sound particularly intriguing to me.

And the movie mostly didn’t work for me. Even though I liked the idea of convicts serving a sentence as protagonists (mostly because it would provide an excellent explanation for why they were locked in/didn’t just get the hell out of there) and I do like religiously motivated murderers and the idea of removing eyes to not be able to see sin anymore and therefore not to be able to sin at all.


But it wouldn’t work here. For one, there were way too many characters and it was hard to keep them apart or even learn their names before they met their gruesome ends. And while the gore itself can be fun (and frequently is in this film), without an emotional connection to the characters, it will remain hollow.

The other major fault of the film is that its villain didn’t work, either. Jacob (Glenn Jacobs) is physically imposing, but not much else. And his motivation is muddled, plus there is his mother who is actually the evil one… by the time the movie delves deeper into that part, it was hard to still show much interest at all.

When neither victims nor perpetrator carry your slasher, there’s nothing left that will.

seenoevil2Summarizing: you can safely skip it.


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