Little Accidents (2014)

Little Accidents
Director: Sara Colangelo
Writer: Sara Colangelo
Cast: Boyd HolbrookElizabeth BanksJacob LoflandJosh LucasChloë Sevigny
Part of: Viennale

Amos (Boyd Holbrook) is the only survivor of a coal mining accident that wreaked havoc in a small town. Among the victims that didn’t survive was Owen’s (Jacob Lofland) father. Owen and Amos both are desperately trying to make sense of things and go back to normal, Amos despite his injuries and the fact that the decision about re-compensation hinges on his testimony. Also on the line is mine manager’s Bill Doyle’s (Josh Lucas) career, another strain on his marriage to Diane (Elizabeth Banks). When their son JT (Travis Tope) goes missing, it is unclear whether there is a connection to the disaster.

Little Accidents was a beautiful and touching film with a few weaknesses, but only very few.


Since I mentioned them already, let’s talk about the flaws. The biggest was certainly the camera work which, among other things, was way too shaky for my taste. There was also the fact that Chloë Sevigny was egregiously underused. And that’s pretty much it.

The story was wonderful, if extremely sad. But it did have a message I definitely appreciated: before any kind of healing can take place, the facts need to be on the table. We need to know what we’re trying to heal before we can actually do it.


And the cast was fantastic. I’m falling in love more and more with Elizabeth Banks, especially when she does serious work. But also Boyd Holbrook was great, giving his Amos all the loneliness and trauma in the world. Impressively enough, Jacob Lofland can hold his own in that cast.

The plot was a little predictable, which meant that there were a few lenghty moments. But since all my predictions were also the things I wished for, I didn’t mind that I saw them coming. Instead I enjoyed the beautiful execution of a hard story.

little-accidents2Summarizing: wonderful little film, especially for a first-time director.


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