Love, Rosie (2014)

Love, Rosie
Director: Christian Ditter
Writer: Juliette Towhidi
Based on: Cecelia Ahern‘s novel Where Rainbows End
Cast: Lily Collins, Sam Claflin, Suki Waterhouse, Tamsin Egerton, Art Parkinson, Christian Cooke

Rosie (Lily Collins) and Alex (Sam Claflin) have always been best friends, so the thought that they might be in love with each other seems extremely weird. But every once in a while both have to think about it – only never at the same time. And every time either of them find themselves in love with the other, life just seems to have something completely different in mind for them. But despite all the very different developments in their lives, they keep coming back to each other.

Love, Rosie is exactly what you’d expect from a Cecilia Ahern-based RomCom. That is to say, prepare for romance, sweetness and tears and if you don’t think too hard about it, you’ll leave the cinema completely satisfied.


I’m not completely happy with the cast of the film. Neither Lily Collins nor Sam Claflin are bad per se, but Lily Collins doesn’t pull off 30-something Rosie, and Sam Claflin doesn’t pull off teen-Alex. Plus, Sam Claflin channels Hugh Grant so hard, it is almost creepy. He’s Hugh Grant reincarnated. He’s hugh-grantier than Hugh Grant. It would have been charming if I didn’t know Hugh Grant’s (earlier) performances. But with that in mind it’s just a little disconcerting.

Anyway, none of these things were so bothersome that they kept me from enjoying the film and there were a lot of small things that were actually really nice: the frank way with which teenage sexuality was handled – with neither much outrage, nor with oversexualization. The reactions to Rosie’s pregnancy also didn’t make me want to gauge my eyes out. And I liked that the film gave Rosie a (female) best friend.

love-rosie1Like most RomComs Love, Rosie certainly takes place in a simple world, where two people can be unequivocally right for each other, which means that everybody else is obviously wrong. And a world where everything will be good as soon as you find love. But nothing else is expected, just as you are basically waiting for clichés and tropes en masse.

The film delivers on all these counts in a warm, heartfelt way and it made me laugh. If you want nothing else from your film than a nice evening of romance, you’ll be happy with this.

love-rosie2Summarizing: Good cheesiness.

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