Blameless (Gail Carriger)

Blameless is the third novel in the Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger.
[Here are my reviews of the other books.]
Finished on: 15.8.2015

After the shameful actions of her husband (actually suspecting her of adultery just because she’s pregnant with an impossible baby), Alexia moved back in with her parents. But considering her relationship with her mother and her stepsisters, it should comes as no surprise that things don’t actually go very well. And since Alexia has to figure out what kind of baby she’s going to have anyway (with a preternatural mother and a werewolf father – despite what he may think – that’s not that easy to answer), since she lost her job due to the social scandal resulting from the estrangement from her husband, and since the attempts on her life are increasing, it might be time for a trip. And what better thing to do than to visit the Templars who have been experimenting on preternaturals for a long time?

With Blameless, the Parasol Protecorate series continues to be increasingly enjoyable and increasingly well written. It’s thoroughly entertaining.


There are many things I loved about Blameless: I loved Alexia’s relationship with her (unborn) child, or as she calls it, infant inconvenience. It doesn’t romanticize the mother-child relationship, nor does it pretend that there’s instant love and bondage between a mother and her (unexpected) child (that causes her a lot of trouble and severely disrupts her life).

I also loved Madame Lefoux and I wonder where her love for Alexia will lead us. I loved everything about Lord Akeldama’s return. I loved the embroidering templars. But maybe what I loved more than everything was Lyall, especially when he interacts with Biffy. I would have no problem whatsoever with reading the Lyall Chronicles. Quite to the contrary, I’d probably gobble them up.

[SPOILERS] It’s a good thing that Conall finally came to his senses.Otherwises I might have had to have him killed somehow. [/SPOILERS] Stubborn bastard.

But it’s not only the characters that enchanted me, I also liked the plot and the mysteries. I can’t wait to find out more about Alexia’s child. It probably won’t take me too long to read the next book.

Summarizing: Wonderful series.

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