Arnie (2016)

Director: Rina Tsou
Writer: Rina Tsou
Cast: Whakin C. Maniego, Yu Hsuan Chen, Mei Man Jin, Erlejun Catequista, Joemel B. Curioso, Nino Maniego Izra
Seen on: 24.5.2016

Filipino seaman Arnie (Whakin C. Maniego) is docked in Taiwan. Together with his crewmates, he goes out and spends all of his money on an engagement ring: he has been planning to propose to his girlfriend for a while now. Surrounded by his mates, he videochats with her, but his dreams are shot down when she tells him that she is pregnant – and not from him.

Arnie was an enjoyable short film in an interesting and unusual setting with an ending that was a little too histrionic for my taste. But before we got to that point, I was very much with Arnie and his struggle to fulfill even the smallest of dreams. Tsou has a lot of compassion for her character, and Maniego breathes charming life into him, making the short film a nice excursion into a to me foreign world.


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