Das Floß! [Floating!] (2015)

Das Floß!
Director: Julia C. Kaiser
Writer: Julia C. Kaiser
Cast: Julia Becker, Anna König, Jakob Renger, Till ButterbachRhon Diels, Christian Natter, Nina Bernards, Sina Bianca Hentschel
Seen on: 20.8.2016

Katha (Julia Becker) and Jana (Anna König) are about to get married. Before marriage, though, comes the bachelorette party. Katha is dragged off by her best friend Charly (Till Buterbach) to spend the weekend on a float on a river with her little brother Tobi (Christian Natter), her friend Ken (Rhon Diels) and – much to her dismay – with Momo (Jakbo Renger) as well, the guy who is about to donate his sperm so Katha and Jana can have a baby and with whom Katha doesn’t really want to have anything to do outside of the donating. Meanwhile Jana is partying at home with her friends and has to confront another unwanted guest: her ex-girlfriend Susan (Nina Bernards).

Das Floß! is entertaining enough, though it didn’t entirely blow me away. At least it’s a refreshingly modern take on some old tropes.


There’s an almost mythological quality to bachelor(ette) parties in pop culture, certainly a ritualistic one: It seems that not only is it necessary to party hard to, basically, get it out of your system before married life starts in all seriousness (no matter how much the concept of how and why people get married in the first place might have changed in the last 40 years or so) and to live through last doubts because doubts couldn’t possibly be uttered before or after getting married. Das Floß! neatly fits into that category of films.

But it does manage a bit of subversion by the fact that it all revolves around a couple of women. Although even there, heteronormativity seems to be creeping in: Jana has only female friends and they get drunk at home and then want to go dancing, while Katha has only male friends and they spend their partying outdoors with the obligatory female stripper (who charmingly enough dives to the boat). Katha even gets a mock penis (her male friends boob shirts).

dasfloss1That way the film doesn’t so much contribute to dismantling heteronormativity or the patriarchy (as a film that centers to women getting married might be suspected to do), but rather is a vision of how a modern, white, middle-class German feminist might optimistically see the world if she doesn’t want to question it too much: there is no objection to homosexuality and it’s totally okay to find alternative ways to have children and to discuss these openly with everybody, but there is no considering the underlying structures behind sexism or any kind of intersectionality. But okay, that’s obviously not the film’s goal in the first place – I just wished it was.

What the film is, though, is entertaining and for a film that’s improvised over huge stretches, it’s surprisingly smooth, which is both to the credit of the convincing cast, Kaiser’s direction and Nicole Weber‘s editing. It makes Das Floß! an enjoyable comedy that won’t have you in tears, but will leave you smiling.

dasfloss2Summarizing: Sure, watch it.


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