(S)he Comes (2014)

(S)he Comes
Director: Petra Joy
Writer: Petra Joy
Seen on: 8.10.2016

(S)he Comes is an anthology of six short porn films, no plot to be found. The pairings are different, but all heterosexual and sometimes it’s “just” masturbation scenes.

(S)he Comes it’s a successful example of feminist porn in various ways. Personally I wouldn’t have minded if it had been a bit queerer, but it’s rare enough that we get hetero porn aimed at female spectators, so I won’t complain at all. In fact, I very much enjoyed the collection.

I have made the argument before and I will probably make it again that there is a definite difference between “smut” and “porn”. To me, the former is erotic text (in a wide sense of text) that still comes with plot and emotional anchors and isn’t all about the fucking, while the latter is all about the fucking and comes with plot and emotion mostly only insofar as needed to explain why people come together to fuck. There is that argumentative structure that women like smut, that they rely on the emotions around the sex to enjoy it, while men are into porn: they just want the in-out-action and nothing else. For me, this rings fundamentally untrue; I think smut and porn scratch to different itches for all genders – the difference lies in their function, not in their audience.

Although it is true that most porn is aimed at (hetero) men and most smut is aimed at (hetero) women, that has much more to do with social boundaries regarding desires and the products that are tailored to the ideas of how men and women are than how they actually desire (or even, are built on a biological level). So to have a porn film that is absolutely aimed at women but doesn’t become to smut – that is a fantastic thing to have that runs counter to that idea of how women desire. If you make porn with the female gaze, women will watch it. And Joy manages just that.

Whether it’s the first or third segment that almost feel like exercises to prove how charming the female gaze can be; or the second segment where she comes several times before he even undresses completely (and he’s the one getting tied up); or the fourth segment that has an older woman sleeping with a younger man without her age being fetishized even for a second; or the fifth segment that casts one of the women in the threesome as the spectator and puts the men in high-heeled red boots; or the last segment that shows a masturbating women and focuses completely on her face – Joy always captures the female point of view in her films.

And most importantly – and it’s weird to even having to say this, but here we are – the people in the films actually look each other in the eyes and they really do seem to have fun with everything. It is sad that this is not something that is normal in porn, but it is even better to get this.

Summarizing: Absolutely recommended.


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