XConfessions (2014)

Director: Erika Lust
Writer: Erika Lust
Seen on: 10.10.2016

XConfessions collects 9 porn short films (I’ll write about each below) that are based on stories people sent to Lust.She has several of these collections, I think I saw Number 6.

I wasn’t quite as taken with this collection as I was with (S)he Comes for two reasons: one, I found the editing weird in some parts, and two I didn’t think that Erika Lust managed to capture the female gaze/get away from the male gaze as much as Petra Joy. But it’s not my intention to pit Lust against Joy (pun intended) – and both collections have their great moments.

The Loud Neighbor
When a young man find his neighbor loudly having sex – often -, he goes to confront her.
This segment comes with a really nice sense of humor and two really very hot protagonists. Personally, I’m not a fan of the “I dare you [to fuck me]” trope, but apart from that, I liked it.

Try My Boyfriend
Built from her boyfriend’s excellent oral performance, a woman starts a renting business for boyfriends and their skills.
This segment works with a lovely bubblegum production design and a great sense of humor that I loved. One of my favorite segments, although probably one of the least sexy.

Dear Brother-in-Law
A young woman hits it off with her brother-in-law.
I couldn’t really get into this segment, despite the continued great sense of humor and recognizing her from the cast of Schnick Schnack Schnuck here, which was nice.

Their Fear Is My Excitement
A mechanic and her customer.
This one worked even less for me than Dear Brother-In-Law. The condescending dude, the sexy female mechanic cliché – it all went right past me.

Do You Find My Feet Suckable
A young man in the library keeps thinking about the feet of the hot girl next to him.
Since feet are really not my kink, this segment was already pretty doomed from the start in my eyes, but it became even worse when an “ugly librarian” shows up to interrupt the sexy times – that was just too much offensive tropiness for me.

[I forgot the title]
This segment was more expressionistic than the others, mixing dance and sex, with a woman dancing with men in dog masks/wild dogs and then fucking them. I wouldn’t have needed the dog masks, but I really loved the combination of dancing and fucking – we should get that more often. Unfortunately, the editing was at its low point here. It is still my favorite segment though.

[I forgot the title]
A short documentary about a couple who have a circus act that combines trapeze and BDSM.
I would have liked to see more of the actual show than we got to see as the segment mostly stuck with interviewing the two performers. But those interviews were really interesting, so that’s not really a complaint. Also, I have serious tattoo envy here.

My Master
A woman goes to a BDSM dungeon to see her master.
Hot dude from the first segment becomes the Master in this segment and I have to say, I appreciated seeing him again. Personally, I’m a little torn about BDSM generally, so that segment didn’t work that well for me regardless, but I liked that we actually got to see how carefully the parameters for the play are established and how limits are drawn. And we even get to see a woman reading 50 Shades for whom that is the beginning of her exploration of her own sexuality. As problematic as 50 Shades is per se, that is the best thing to come of it, so I liked the acknowledgement there, especially since it came without judgment.

My Mistress [I think that’s the title]
This time, a man visits his mistress.
As I said, BDSM is not so much my thing and it’s even less my kink when it’s the woman in the dominant role. So this segment wasn’t really made for me. But I have to admit, if I was to be dominated by a woman, I would want it to be somebody like the one here. She almost actually made me want to, she was so hot.

Summarizing: Although not all the segments worked equally for me, I did enjoy this collection.

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