Schnick Schnack Schnuck (2015)

Schnick Schnack Schnuck [a more or less nonsensical phrase said when playing Rock, Paper, Scissors in German]
Director: Maike Brochhaus
Writer: Maike Brochhaus, Sören Störung
Cast: Felix Anderson, Jana Sue Zuckerberg, Elia Légère, Jenz, Dana, Lotta Habmut, Sören Störung
Seen on: 14.8.2016

Felix (Felix Anderson) and Emmi (Jana Sue Zuckerberg) have been a couple for a while and are rather settled in their ways. When Felix hatches the plan to go to a festival in Amsterdam for the weekend with his friend Kai (Elia Légère), Emmi prepares for a quiet weekend working at home. But things turn out different for the both of them: Instigated by Kai’s sense for (sexual) adventure, he and Felix meet Steffi (Dana) and Anke (Jenz), while Emmi catches up with her old friend Magda (Lotta Habmut) whom she happens to find in a rather explicit online video.

Schnick Schnack Schnuck is pretty much what I think porn should be like. There’s a plot, a very nice sense of humor, interesting characters who have smart conversations and then end up fucking. It’s great.


With her last project, Brochhaus started to approach the topic of how to make a sex film that is a) feminist and b) features characters with a real connection to each other. While Häppchenweise was unscripted and didn’t quite end up there, the scripted Schnick Schnack Schnuck manages to fulfill that mission very well.

While there is still a certain heteronormativity to the film – most of the sex is straight, all of it performed by cis people – there are many places where it breaks the mold: Kai’s character arc is mostly about it being okay to experience gay sex or practices that would be labelled as such. Magda is in a threesome with two guys and it’s not the usual porn threesome where the two guys basically pretend that the other isn’t there – it’s an actual threesome where everybody is sleeping with everybody. And at least at the end we get a glimpse of people who are not necessarily cis gendered.

schnickschnackschnuck1My other big point of criticism is that we only get to see white, able-bodied and thin/conventionally attractive people [again, at the end there is a glimpse of a PoC] fucking. Feminist porn, for me, should aspire to more diversity.

But apart from this, Schnick Schnack Schnuck was positively delightful – and sexy, which is not unimportant for porn. That the hot sex scenes come with a nice sense of humor, mostly delivered by the narration. Which I actually liked although I’m not a big fan of voice-overs. But this one was almost like the narration in Jane the Virgin [no irony intended] and infused the film with its own personality.

Plus, I simply have to love porn where the characters not only discuss their sexual politics frankly, but with feminist vocabulary to boot. Hearing “economy of the gaze” in a meaningful and smart discussion in a porn is almost as sexy as the sex itself.

schnickschnackschnuck2Summarizing: Awesome.


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