Shadows (1985)

Director: Nan Kinney
Seen on: 15.10.2016
(Unfortunately, information on it is rather thin on the internet and I couldn’t even find a single image to spruce up this post, nor any info on the people involved other than director Nan Kinney. It’s also a short film, so this review is short as well.)

Shadows is one of the first Lesbian porn film shot by, for and with lesbians. As far as I know, the couple in it was an actual couple, but in any case this is a film that makes do without a single instance of the male gaze that pervades so much of the pornographic images featuring women. (Or men. Or any porn, really.) It does feature BDSM which is not my cup of tea, and generally I would say the film is more of filmhistoric value than actually exciting. But I did like its aesthetics and I’m glad I got to see it at the film archive.


2 thoughts on “Shadows (1985)

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