Selma & Sofie (2003)

Selma & Sofie
Director: Mia Engberg
Cast: Camilla Carlsson, Sara Lindkvist
Seen on: 15.10.2016

Selma (Camilla Carlsson) meets Sofie (Sara Lindkvist) at the pool and feels immediately drawn to her. Despite her boyfriend at home, Selma finds herself actively searching out Sofie.

Selma & Sofie concluded the “Lesbian porn first” special I saw, being the first Lesbian porn film (by and for women) that actually showed explicit sex (the lack of which arguably makes Shadows and Airport not even “real” porn). Despite the explicit sex, the film is more focused on the romance of the story and it’s very sweet indeed. It may not work as well as a porn, but as a love story it’s nice.

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